Meg and I met up down at the East Village in Davenport for her Outdoor Natural Light Senior Session last summer.
We had such a great time together, Meg was full of SO much positive energy, happiness and laughter – it was by far the happiest sessions I’ve had to date! I love how Meg brought so many gorgeous outfit changes to her session, we had no trouble combining them to fit both Urban and Nature settings! With such a happy outlook on life, how can any image look dull with Meg!?

I hope you guys enjoy these half as much as I do, I’m seriously PUMPED for 2014 – SENIOR GIRLS – Email now to book your Outdoor Natural Light Senior Session with Dasha Denger Photography before it’s too late! Dates are going fast and both week days and weekends are available! Email today to or use the form above in the Contact Me area.

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I’m SOOO excited to finish up Caroline’s Outdoor Senior Session from yesterday! Already, I’m seeing such great shots all around it’s making me anxious to just sit down and edit them all!
I hope you guys enjoy this absolutely breathtaking sneak peak from Caroline’s nature portion of the session.

We had quite a few outfits which I tried to incorporate into both nature & urban at times.
Full post coming later this month, stay tuned!

WV3X3669 copy

For more info on Senior Sessions & how to book email me to, browse the 2013 PRICING PDF here: or use the contact form above in the menu.

Have a great summer you guys! Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Lauren Senior 2013 PV High School | Quad Cities Photographer

Lauren, what can I say? We had just the most GORGEOUS light at our session this past spring!
I’m seriously in love with all the white that Lauren brought to her session this time, it’s so fresh, clean and goes well with green! ;)

We had a session a few months back in the winter where we did her Black & White’s, I was so glad to hear she wanted a 2nd session for her outdoor portraits as well!!

Please enjoy these STUNNING images! More sneak peaks from Caroline’s Senior Session coming next! Also, don’t forget to tune in for a FULL POST on Janae’s Senior Portraits as well later this month!

SENIORS 2014:: Don’t wait to book!!! Seriously, dates & times go fast, book now before I fill up.
This is hopefully my last season for Senior Portraits here in the QC since I’m planning on moving elsewhere to pursue my Fashion Career. Please make sure if you wish your Senior Portraits be done by Dasha Denger photography, that you book now!! Dates still available in both June & July up until November.
For a full portfolio please visit the website:

More info on Pricing & Session Info can also be found here:
To email please use the form above | or use the following email to contact me directly:

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to stop by and drop a note about Janae’s Senior Session from last month! I’ll have the full post coming soon but first I wanted to show you a totally, drop-dead gorgeous sneak peak from her Outdoor Senior Session in Downtown Moline last month.

I seriously loved the open shade we captured in her images, that perfect light on her face was just perfect!

WV3X1586 copy

Stay tuned for more images, Lauren’s full Senior Session coming next!

Emily | PVHS Senior 2013

I had such a wonderful time with Emily last fall when we did her gorgeous Senior Session. I wasn’t sure about the light that day, but after we began shooting I knew it was perfect for her! Her light and gorgeous complexion and that amazing blonde hair really stood out against all our colorful and yet subtle locations. I’m SO in love with all her amazing outfits and her style in general is just too gorgeous!

It’s a great thing to bring something of your own to your Senior Session, like a sport that you love to do, or an instrument you play. I think it was so fun for her to bring her school track uniform along with her shoes, it just shows her personality and love for running so much through these shots!

Seniors 2014, I’m still booking for Spring / Summer 2013! Please don’t wait too long or you’ll miss your opportunity for gorgeous Spring sunlight & wonderful blooming trees. Spring is one of the most gorgeous times to shoot your Session, the cherry blossoms are always such a unique look that adds something special to your every shot! If you wish to wait until fall, that’s great as well! Please email me to as soon as possible to set your date before it’s gone! (All bookings done on a first-come first-serve basis. If booking more than 2 months in advance, a deposit fee will be taken. Email or call for more details 563. 676 7481

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